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PolyPlay - 1.2.2

A physics playground, somewhat like sodaplay. Drag around structures of masses and springs, make landscapes of lines, or goof around with the "character".

Francesco Mastellone
Polyplay(I really am looking for a better name) is a physics playground based heavily on soft bodies. Drag around structures of masses and springs, make landscapes of lines, make walking structures, flood the screen with fluid, or just goof around with the character.


Interface and slight experience tweaking, but more than everything I've been cleaning up the code. The interface now offers access to most of the functions which were previously activated by shortcuts. It's the most mature/stable release so far, and I'm uploading it because the next one will have many more features, along with inevitable issues. Come on people, I need much more input than what I'm getting now =p
This release doesn't feature a binary. The last py2exe'd release was 1.2.1


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PolyPlay 1.2.1 — 17 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.0.1 — 5 Feb, 2008

PolyPlay 1.2.0 — 16 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.2.2 — 21 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1 — 2 Feb, 2008

PolyPlay 1.0.3 — 9 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.0.2 — 7 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.3.0 — 3 Apr, 2008

PolyPlay 1.0.4 — 9 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.1.0 — 13 Mar, 2008

PolyPlay 1.4.0 — 25 Aug, 2008 account Comments

  • Yakov Reznikov 2016-05-22 03:12:29

    when i try to use it it says this

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "C:\Users\Yakking\Desktop\PolyPlay\", line 180, in <module>

    main = Main()

    File "lib\", line 44, in __init__

    self.init() #Start the personalized init

    File "C:\Users\Yakking\Desktop\PolyPlay\", line 26, in init


    File "C:\Users\Yakking\Desktop\PolyPlay\", line 78, in splashScreen

    pos =[0].x,[0].y

    IndexError: list index out of range