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Sokoban - 1.00

A cute sokoban clone with fancy graphics and sound.

Jordan Trudgett
My first pygame project! Should run fine on a decent computer. Final version. No further additions planned. Custom levels are not very hard to make/add to the game. Game has support for unlimited levels. Look in levels/ folder and you should get the gist of it. Contact: (no Q)


Changed to Sourceforge! (2008-01-05) Made small optimisations for slower computers/computer with poor graphics capabilities. Made sound adjustments for compatibility with nearly all soundcards. [pygame.mixer.init(44100) -> pygame.mixer.init()] Please note that this is my first pygame game and is not very well written/optimised. You will need a decent processor and video card to play the game at an acceptable speed. Also, the game may run a tad too fast if your computer is a beast. (Not too much to worry about for a step-based game.) These faults have been looked at and won't be present (hopefully) in my next project!


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Sokoban 1.00 — 28 Dec, 2007 account Comments