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Gareth Quest - 0.0.2

You are Gareth, a young boy that live in a church preparing to became cleric... But one day...

Luca Fabbri

A roleplaying game based on the old Dungeons & Dragons rules (1st edition).
D&d rule mechanism and the game engine will be more important that other game stuff like graphics, sound and (for now) the game itself!

Don't expect any useful code or demo before version 0.1! Every version from 0.0.1 to 0.1 will be very alpha releases.


Subversion repository

You can access to last software version from the SVN repository.


Nothing changed from the unittests-only release of version 0.0.1, but I added the command line options handler because from Sourceforge too many ask something like "I can I run this game"?
Again: no game for now, only a fast view of the future.
Read the tutorial, run tests, but nothing more!


Version 0.0.3 will integrate AI, and monsters must be able to fight each others.


Home Page


Gareth Quest 0.0.1 — 25 Dec, 2007

Gareth Quest 0.0.2 — 16 Feb, 2008 account Comments

  • Abel Shields 2013-11-16 11:31

    Well, it looks like this is in extremely early alpha. I am a dedicated programmer, building D&D, and in two days, you can create your character and generate dungeons. I will post up my project soon when I deem it acceptable for the public as an alpha.