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Borgwar - 0.8.2

Borgwar is a little "game" for developers. It allows making fight two bot controlled by an IA. The two concurrent developers have to conceive the most intelligent bot to win the contest.

Pierre Labatut

=-= This is still a prototype =-=

  • contains its own map editor
  • contains a fight simulator, with IA resolution at 10 ms
  • contains its own sprite engine with nice performances
  • contains its own map editor
  • is able to save and load maps from the disk (windows only)
  • proposes 4 weapons, more are coming
  • proposes 3 goodies, more are coming
  • should be compatible with unix systems (let me know if there is any problem)


  • Unix compatibility fix
  • Resources loading progress bar implement
  • Potential visible set pre-calculation progress bar implement
  • Ray tracing optimization with tuples (definitely faster)
  • Primitive IA sample that carry on path finding in a unknown map


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Borgwar .81 — 3 Sep, 2007

Borgwar .8 — 31 Aug, 2007

Borgwar 0.8.2 — 11 Sep, 2007 account Comments