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DIGU card game - digu 1.1

A popular card game played in the Maldives. This game uses pygame and tkinter libraries.

Hanoon Malik
Below are the instructions on how Digu is played. As the game starts player will be asked to toss a coin to decide if player or computer calls trumps. Trumps are decided normally by checking the player's hand and selecting the most amount of cards with the same suit. The higher the value of the trump is an added advantage. Once a trump suit is selected, the game can begin. The person who calls trumps gets the first play. For now it is just the computer or player. There are four players in this game. Two players in two teams (Team 1 - computer and computer's teammate, Team 2 - player and player's teammate). For now the computer manages computer, computer's teammate and player's teammate. The person who plays will play from the player's hand. There will be a total of 13 rounds and each round will select a winning hand(four cards that were played in that round) obtained by one of the players from the four. Once a card is played at the beginning of the round, the rest of the players will have to follow with that suit if they have in their hands. The highest value will be awarded the win of the hand for that round. If in case you don't have a suit that is played, you can play a trump card and win the hand if another player didn't play a higher value trump card than what you played. At the end of 13th round the number of hands obtained by each player are counted and the player with highest number of hands wins. For the win, The player and player's teammates hands are added and the computer and computer's teammates hands are added and checked if player or computer win. NOTE: In the actual game the player who wins the hand in that round gets to play first, but for now i have just started with the player who calls trumps gets to play first in every round. Will make changes soon. I Welcome any changes and modification. credit for: card pack - Andrew Tidey bankground pic - Mitchell Griest Thank you.


An update where the winner of the round starts the next round compared to the previous version where the trump selector plays first in all rounds. Additional modifications have been made to the opening screen and winner declaring screen


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DIGU card game digu 1.0 — 27 May, 2020

DIGU card game digu 1.1 — 29 May, 2020 account Comments

  • Hanoon Malik 2020-05-26 14:43

    I will reflect more changes in the next version to make it more real. Basically the winner of hand will get to play first will be the main change. Also possibly add difficulty level and up the logic of the game. Feel free to comment. Thanks