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Legends of Black Thunder - 2.0

Black Thunder the cat loves fish but has to outwit the wild dogs that guard it!

==Controls== Arrow keys -- moves the cat b -- drops a bone q -- quits the game Enter -- skips the intro Full-screen mode: ​In Settings.ini set windowed=0 (may produce some visual artifacts) ==Gameplay== Collect all the fish to clear the level. Dogs hunt you. Dogs increase each level. Different dogs - different strategy. Don't starve! You get "cat #" of lives. Cat slows when full. Lightning power! Makes you go fast and pauses hunger. Drop a bone to stop a dog in its tracks. Boss level every 5 levels <-- beat to unlock hidden settings! Master the dynamics to overcome the challenges! ==Credits== Made with pygame and published with cx_Freeze. Got good? Post a screenshot of the highest level reached! Comments / Feedback / Bug report are welcome! Visit ​ for more of my stuff!​ ⚡​ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)⚡


2020/5/9 - Version 2.0 released! *Reduced file size by 10x! (replaced Numpy routines) *Added a "safe house" (tree) in which you start at *Keeps track of the highest level reached even after quitting *Added a Settings.ini file with hidden settings unlocked by beating the bosses! *Organized folder structure *Adjusted game resolution to 640 x​ 576​ pixels *Sky background added *Boss-level darkening effect added *Code related changes (routine optimization, etc..)


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