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Red Pants Adventure - 1.1

Another installment in the Red Pants saga, a game i made in one week while watching AGDQ 2020

Actually a pretty cool dude
Get hat power ups, dodge enemies and collect the big cheese! level editor included


Wow I can't believe im saying it, but 2 years later, I wrote some terrible music with my roomate and revisited this project. Also released it on!
platformer 133


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Github repo


Red Pants Adventure 1.0 — 12 Jan, 2020

Red Pants Adventure 1.1 — 5 Feb, 2022 account Comments

  • Anthony Cook 2020-01-21 23:50:08.168921

    I've given this a little play and got frustrated by the spikes. That's not to say it's a bad game, i'm just crap :D! I appreciate this game for it code, it's not easy to put together something like this.