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JoyWM - 0.2.1

This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).

Marek Franke
For now a few applications are available for displaying images, listing to various audiofiles and your CD's, playing movies etc. Just take a look at the screenshots to get a closer view.


I have released joywm-0.2.1 today. A few bugs have been fixed and the problem with the absolute pathes has been fixed (no more /opt/joywm/ is necassary). And the main theme has been resized to 1600x1200 (standard resolution is now 1024x768).


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JoyWM 0.2.0 — 1 Jul, 2007

JoyWM 0.2.1 — 9 Sep, 2007

JoyWM 0.2.2 — 30 Sep, 2007 account Comments