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pygame book - 2019/11/19

What is a pygame 4000 for?

Rene Dudfield
The pygame book project has begun. It's called "pygame 4000" and is a book project by one of the main contributors to the pygame project.
pygame book
Not only does the book aim to cover Python programming, but also aims to cover C, and the GLSL shading language.
  • [ Pixel Perfect Collision Detection ] [ SDL2 Fundamentals Tutorial in C ]
  • [ Sound Generation and Visualization ] [ Python intro for game programming ]
  • [ Let's make a shit JavaScript Interpreter! ] [ How to port and market games ]
  • [ Let's write a unit test! ] [ Arduino; Serial & pixels for breakfast ]
  • [ Awesome pygame. Great stuff you can use with pygame. ]
  • [ Drag and drop of files ] [ Finger painting multi touch ]
  • [ Text Editing Input IME ] [ Midi and synths ]
pygame 4000 available as an early preview pre-release on the pygame book itch page. Updates will be posted on the pygame book developer web log.
pygame is the most popular game/art/and music library available for the most popular programming language in the world -- Python. pygame is used in school classes, university courses, and workshops around the world. It's used in embedded devices like handheld game consoles, in video synthesizers, museum displays, and interactive art installations. It's available in over 130 different OS distributions, including on the Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and MacOS. All funds from the pygame 4000 book go towards pygame development and improvements to the pygame 4000 book.



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