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Mineral Madness - 1.1.3

Mineral Madness is a mineral based 2d platform fighter . A fair warning - this game will rock your world.

Mineral Madness is a fighting game based around minerals. It features a fair amount of mineral based characters each with their own unique characteristics. The player can choose to fight in various beautiful environments that have their own aesthetic. The goal of the game is to knock your opponents off of the stage. The last one standing is the winner. Fighters Pebble Crystal Magma Pharaoh Stages Salty Rock Ravine Crystal Cover Rumble Volcano Ancient Temple Additional Features Local Co-op Expert and Normal Difficulty Controller Support (Xbox, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, GameCube) Additional Notes This Game was a student project created entirely in pygame Mineral Madness website: storepage:


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Mineral Madness 1.1.3 — 5 Jun, 2019 account Comments