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Gunboy - 2.00

Destroy all the cannons to stop gunboy.

David Jones
Stop Gunboy killing you, by destroying all the cannons, by the way, you only need to get the powerup once. Made for pyweek.


Various updates to this version, this is my stable release of the game, and I'll fix a couple of bugs in 2.01 which ain't far away, but anyway the updates are:

* Added in 4 new levels
* New look for character on each level
* Animation at end of game
* Cleaned up files I don't need
* Added in a cheat, just to make testing easier for me really, but you can work it out, it only skips level 1.

That's all really, but much better than 1.00


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Gunboy 1.00 — 8 Apr, 2007

Gunboy 2.00 — 15 Apr, 2007 account Comments