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Road Rage - 1.2

A game about managing Traffic in a city.

Road Rage is a game about managing the Flow of Traffic in a city. You are a Traffic Controller and you have to switch Traffic Lights on and off as well as clear accidents to manage cars. The goal of the game is to complete certain tasks specified for each level. The tasks have much variation from level to level. This game was an entry for PyWeek 26. You can view the entry here: This game was initially released on October 27, 2018.


Road Rage now supports Debian Linux including some different Distributions. If you'd like to see the full update log, go to


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Github repo


Road Rage 1.0 — 28 Oct, 2018

Road Rage 1.1 — 18 Nov, 2018

Road Rage 1.2 — 16 Feb, 2019 account Comments