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Ball Sport - 1.0

2D juggling game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Josh Klipstein
Inspired by Nintendo Game and Watch "Ball," this is my first game, Ball Sport. You are a black-and-white cartoon character tasked with juggling three balls until you drop one. The third ball comes after you score 100 points. For each time you catch a ball and toss it back up, you get ten points. How many points can you rack up until you drop a ball? The instructions and controls are printed on the screen before the game begins. Press 1 for one-player game, or 2 for two players. Each player competes against each other to get more catches and make the high score. Feedback appreciated!


--++**VERSION 1.0 BALL SPORT**++-- The final version is released! This release has major bug fixes, modified sound effects and improved graphics. Same great gameplay!


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Ball Sport 0.1a — 14 Oct, 2018

Ball Sport 1.0 — 14 Dec, 2018

Ball Sport 0.2a — 6 Nov, 2018

Ball Sport 0.3b — 28 Nov, 2018

Ball Sport 1.1 — 3 Jan, 2019 account Comments