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Fantasminha CaArmado - 1

A platform shooter game that you can't hit the enemies with your gun.

This game was developed for a 48h game jam. Keys: R: reset level, ESC: exit, Space: shoot, Arrows: control the movement and 1,2 and 3: select weapon.


This game was developed for a 48h game jam. History: You control a former war veteran already dead. He worked in a military base in an extremely problematic region with a high rate of violence and armed conflict. The story goes that before he died he had a sudden illumination, that is, he can understand some things that until then, he did not understand. His understanding made him understand that the greatest cause of trouble in the area was the military itself, all the violence was a reaction of a population that lived fearing for their lives before a hostile foreign military force. Then our dead hero returns as a ghost, and with the understanding that to achieve his freedom, he must stop the cycle of violence that helped to establish and bring peace to the region, this implies to eliminate the military base in which he operated himself . Unfortunately, her new ghostly form brings her some difficulties, such as not being able to interact directly with people, but fortunately her weapon succeeds, and it is through her that she must fulfill her mission. It is evident that similar stories prowl around the world, so the army has experimental designs aimed at containing threats from the aftermath, which brings you some extra challenges, but certainly nothing that a trauma-ridden war veteran communicates through can not solve. Keys: R: reset level ESC: exit Space: shoot Arrows: control the movement 1,2 and 3: select weapon Other: GDD and source code in my GitHub, Assets: ttps://


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Fantasminha CaArmado 1 — 3 Sep, 2018

Fantasminha CaArmado 1 — 3 Sep, 2018 account Comments