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Snake 1024 - 0.6b - beta

A snake game where u are a blue snake trying to eat all the green apples that just pop into existance and avoid the red bombs (as bombs are red).

Harry Syred
This simple snake game made in classes for easy customisation. Screen size and block size can be changed, other things can be changed. Made up in classes and functions for easy modifications.


Being rewritten this snake version is new and improved. perfect for editting and making your own or just playing around with the settings. This snake build introduces the highscore feature and a better scoring methord. Untested version


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Snake 1024 0.2 — 28 Jun, 2018

Snake 1024 0.1 — 28 Jun, 2018

Snake 1024 0.3 — 21 Oct, 2018

Snake 1024 0.4 — 8 Jan, 2019

Snake 1024 0.5 — 8 Jan, 2019

Snake 1024 0.6b - beta — 8 Jan, 2019 account Comments