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Dungeon Of Droobaxe - 0.5

An ancient dungeon where the most dangerous creatures were locked up by an ancient civilization. After thousands of years of laying dormant waves of dark magic started seeping up out of the depths of the Dungeon of Droobaxe. You were sent to the dungeon to find out the source of the dark magic and put an end to it. Will you survive the power of Droobaxe, or die trying?

This game is in development and will receive regular updates. IMPORTANT: Developed in Python 3.6.2 may not work on later versions. To play run the file. CONTROLS: WASD keys to move click to fire fireballs, p_key to pause and unpause.


Changes: -Combine some images in to sprite sheets. -Added new textures. -Moved the Fly enemy from the Ruin to the Cave. (Inaccessible.) -Updated the Ruin boss. (More updates to this boss will happen.) -Added darkness system. (Used only for now in the Inaccessible Crypt floor.) -Changed the pause menu background to black. -Added work in progress title menu. -Added work in progress map. -Added original soundtrack for the title. (I plan on eventually replacing all music and sound with ones I created.) -Other bug fixes.


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Dungeon Of Droobaxe 0.1 — 14 May, 2018

Dungeon Of Droobaxe 0.2 — 22 May, 2018

Dungeon Of Droobaxe 0.3 — 1 Jun, 2018

Dungeon Of Droobaxe 0.4 — 9 Jul, 2018

Dungeon Of Droobaxe 0.5 — 4 Jun, 2019 account Comments

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