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2D Light and shadow effects - 2.0.0

Create 2D light sources onto a pygame surface and generate shadows using polygon layer



The class can be easily implemented into a 2D game (top down or horizontal/vertical scrolling) to enhanced the lighting ambiance. Version 2 changes : Added volumetric effect (animated smoke or plasma) in the illuminated area to set a specific ambiance. This effect can also be used for generating force field aspect around a set point. Added warning light (rotational lighting) Implemented shadow projection effects from a light source coordinates (See file for more details and credit to Marcus Møller for its shadow algorithms ( Code clean-up and split the code into different modules DEMO available in the directory dist. *** The assets directory must be in the same location than the executable file


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2D Light and shadow effects 1.0 — 18 May, 2018

2D Light and shadow effects 2.0.0 — 18 May, 2018 account Comments

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