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PyAnimate (discontinued) - 0.1.1

A surfarray movie creator/player

PyAnimate uses Pygame and Numeric to create (and play) Multi-image surfarray sequences.
For more info, see the readme.txt in one of the packages below.
And, feel free to email me for sugestions, bugs, etc.

Requires at least 128 megabytes of RAM

I unfortunately lost the source code to this project at some point over the years, so this project is no longer available.


File size update. The files used to be around 50 mega bytes each. Now they're around 100 kilo bytes each. Also fixed bug where if you pressed cancel at the reapeat prompt, it would cause an error. Now it just exits the program.


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PyAnimate (discontinued) 0.1 — 19 Dec, 2006

PyAnimate (discontinued) 0.1.1 — 20 Dec, 2006

PyAnimate (discontinued) 1.0 — 20 Dec, 2006 account Comments