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Roll and Back Again

Solve environmental puzzles with a diverse cast of rollerbots. No blood, no alien abduction, no can-can music.

This is a demo version of a 2D puzzle-platformer with environmental puzzles. Commercial off-the-shelf rollerbots have excellent battery life but very limited autonomy. They need the player's help to understand the world, discover their abilities and accomplish their objectives. Maneuvering, experimentation and some reasoning are necessary to succeed. Explore the levels, figure out how things work and then how to get where you need to go. Create checkpoints to save your progress, try different approaches, fail productively. There is no jump button. A rollerbot is only as strong as the torque on its pendulum. Gather speed to get anywhere, but be mindful of braking distance. Excessive deformation can be fatal. Pits can be frustrating.



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Roll and Back Again 1.0.8 — 20 Apr, 2018 account Comments

  • Megaflops 2018-04-20 19:08

    For the record, I'm not doing any scummy self-bumping on purpose. I was getting rid of duplicated description text and the 1.0.8 release automatically jumped to the top of the list.