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TuxWordSmith - 0.3c

Multi-Language Word Scrabble ala TuxMathScrabble. Interactive and Screensaver modes, both. Good way to expand vocabulary in featured languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Swahili. Packages exist for Linux and WindowsXP.

Charles Cosse
Featured Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Swahili. Example of use: You select to use the "English-French dictionary"; then, for each English word put-down on the scrabble board, the definition, in French, will be written to the HUD (see screenshot). This makes a nice screensaver, if you don't care for Scrabble. The application uses dictionaries from the xdxf project. Special characters, accents, circumflex, cedilla, etc are all handled by unicode.


Multi-language Word Scrabble ala TuxMathScrabble. Plays in several languages: English, French, Italian, German, Latin, Swahili and Spanish. Changes: performance improvements when loading resources.


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TuxWordSmith 0.1 — 28 Nov, 2006

TuxWordSmith 0.4 — 19 May, 2007

TuxWordSmith 0.3 — 5 Dec, 2006

TuxWordSmith 0.3c — 25 Feb, 2007

TuxWordSmith 0.7.7 — 14 Dec, 2009

TuxWordSmith 0.7.11 — 18 Jan, 2010

TuxWordSmith 0.8.0 — 6 Dec, 2014 account Comments