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Snowballz - 0.9.3

RTS game made with python (and pygame, of course). Lots of penguins.

Joey Marshall
Take command of your army of penguins as you blaze your path to victory! March through snow laden forests to conqueror new frontiers and grow your small army. Ambush enemy lines with blasts of freezing snowballs. But don't neglect your home, invaders are just over the next snow drift! Gather fish for your cold penguins to munch on as they warm up in your cozy igloo. It's a snowy world you don't want to miss!


New stuff:

* Zoom in and out with the page-up and page-down keys! This actually took more work than I would have liked because we had to switch over positioning all the drawing from SDL style to GL style (with glTranslate instead of adding the view's x and y).

Bugs (sort of bugs) fixed:

* Terrain no longer uses numeric! This should fix several problems people were having (and it will work on windows as well).
* Includes gooeypy and cellulose inside of distribution. This should make it faster to get up and running.
* It now works with python 2.5! (I can't believe it didn't before and I never heard about it!)


Home Page


Snowballz 0.9.3 — 12 Jun, 2007

Snowballz 0.9.2 — 28 May, 2007

Snowballz 0.0.3 — 19 Dec, 2006

Snowballz 0.0.4 — 15 Jan, 2007

Snowballz 0.0.2 — 20 Nov, 2006

Snowballz 0.9 — 5 May, 2007

Snowballz 0.9.4 — 10 Jul, 2007

Snowballz 0.9.5 — 10 Oct, 2007

Snowballz — 15 Oct, 2007 account Comments

  • Bkabkajlkdas 2012-05-07 21:35

    Game is death? Links home pages no work! Where download?