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Prison Xcape - 1.0

Prison XCape is a 2D platformer game that is made using a simple game engine built on the PyGame framework.

Othman Alikhan
Key Game Features: Single player mode (four levels), local coop mode (three levels), boss in both modes, several menus and UI, and cutscenes. Key Code Features: several engines (e.g. core, scene, menu, and collision), swappable components that attach to any class (e.g render, audio, physics), components that can easily be tweaked (e.g. animations, dialogues, camera).


Key Features: - Implementation of a finite state machine for the protagonist's controls. - Implementation of a mini physics engine. - Implementation of some elements of random generation. - Created original pixel artwork.


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Prison Xcape 1.0 — 7 Jul, 2017 account Comments