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Magicor - 1.0-rc2

Old-school puzzle game with "fancy" graphics.

From the website: "A puzzle game using "fancy" 2D graphics. The objective is to extinguish fires using blocks of ice. Levels may have one or more solutions, but thinking ahead is the key to victory in Magicor."


1.0 RC 2 fixes a lot of minor bugs, but the big thing with the RC 2 is that it finally runs on Windows. Yes, the editor too. It all works now thanks to Claudio's efforts. Both have been verified on Winodws. It's available for download, go get it already. :)


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Magicor 1.0-rc2 — 20 Nov, 2006

Magicor 1.0 — 18 Jan, 2007

Magicor 0.1 beta — 10 Oct, 2006

Magicor 1.0-rc1 — 31 Oct, 2006 account Comments