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PB-Ball - 1.5.1

Python Basketball Game


Shoot as many baskets as you can before time runs out!

PB-Ball has been tested on Windows and Linux and should work on Mac as well. There is also an Android version available.

Please report bugs on Bitbucket and submit feedback in the comments below.


  • Removed unnecessary Level Complete/Failed screen when game ends.
  • Added realistic sound when ball hits wall.
  • Fixed bug on Android where game couldn't be paused on Level Complete/Failed screen.
  • Replaced Windows ZIP file with self-extracting archive.


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PB-Ball 1.5.1 — 5 Jun, 2018

PB-Ball 1.6 — 5 Jun, 2018 account Comments

  • Yaugho 2015-08-08 05:42

    Game is really neat for its' simplicity. I enjoyed playing it for quite a few mintues, love the fact that you managed to allow it to be cross-platform! Keep up the good work. I'm learning more just by playing and reviewing your source files. Solid upload mate.