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curser - 1.0.0

An turtle for pygame with many functions for generating forms with abstraction of coordinates computing, with the turtle utilities.

josmiley / Luke spywoker
curser is a python module based and complementary to pygame, who will give you analog functions as the turtle module implement in a pygame display to make easier the generation and the animation of forms like polygons, spirals, fractals and so soon. With abstraction of the coordinates computing throught an curser object, analog to the turtle, whose orientation is setable throught rotation functions to the left or to the right from the number of wanted degrees with progressiv animated stroke drawing or not animated functions whose color and width are configurable. Available on PyPI for python 2.*.*.


New web site for the full presentation of the project in english.


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curser 1.0.0 — 15 May, 2014 account Comments