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PygLibs is a group of basic(for now) game libraries

PygLibs is GPL library written on top of Pygame(version 0.3 is public domain though, just ran out of itme on the last release), and will eventually contain many game libraries such as several tile map systems(flat 2d, hex, isometric, 3d-hopefully), gui and other useful features. I want this to kind of turn into an all-in-one game library for pygame, if you have any ideas for new libraries, code, or suggestions please e-mail me at



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PygLibs 0.1 — 4 Aug, 2006

PygLibs 0.15 — 17 Aug, 2006

PygLibs 0.3 — 2 Aug, 2007 account Comments

  • Harp72951 2011-10-07 16:09

    better to follow this link to the 0.3 release:
    The front page on SF has a download link to some earlier release that is not very useful.