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GRIP - 0.82

Motorbike Racing game Record ghost laps to race against and improve your time

Stuart Laxton
The game was written during June, July and August 2012 from scratch with the exception of the sprite rotation code which was taken from TankorSmash's tutorial page. The game is the second I've wrote, the first being Hangman+. The idea behind the game was for a more realistic top down racing game where finding the quickest racing line is key rather than power sliding around corners. The original plan was for multiple racers and AI but I'd rather release the current version based on lap timing / ghost laps and get some feedback before spending months more time on it. Hints & Tips The faster bikes accelerate slower and take longer to slow down for corners. You are best starting with Bike 1 and learning the tracks before moving onto the faster bikes. On the slower, technical tracks boosting out of corners is the key to the fastest laptimes. Also try not to hold boost down too long - many short bursts of boost give you a quicker overall time as your bike takes a while to drop from the boosted top speed. You are allowed to clip corners but if you are on the grass for more than 0.5 seconds over the lap then your lap time is invalidated. You must also cross the 2 sector / timing lines for your lap to count. You only get a ghost bike once a valid lap has been completed. Future plans I'm also looking to implement in future releases the following :- Permanent recording of ghost laps Sound! Network / multiplayer


New Features: Skidmarks! Braking and boosting now leave a mark on the track surface for the duration of the time trial. The ghost replay seen in the display laptimes screen shows the track with skidmarks present as they were at end of the time trial. Braking leaves twin skidmarks (front/rear) whilst boosting leaves a single track (rear) Going off the racetrack also leaves tyre tracks on the grass. Altered Bike Behaviour As part of the new skidmarks feature the bikes now skid under braking and acceleration due to boosting. The length of slide is dependant on the bike speed. The affect of the skid has been softened from earlier (unreleased) versions of the code where hitting the brakes during cornering would lock the direction of travel and send you straight off - now the rotation still happens during braking but as part of a more controllable drift. Bug Fixes Fixed issues with larger screen sizes Removed support for 640 x 480 Fixed ghost replace freeze after displaying 1 ghost lap in lap time screen Fixed irritating Python 2.7 timing bug (dividing 2 integers returns an integer in 2.7) Other code cleanup / dead variable removal


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GRIP 0.82 — 14 Sep, 2012

GRIP 0.102 — 18 Apr, 2013 account Comments

  • Carlos 2012-09-15 11:18

    Excellent game!!! Congratulation!

  • Shannow 2012-09-15 19:34

    Thanks Carlos :-)

  • Jonas Möller 2020-11-24 19:15

    very nice game :-D