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serge - 0.6

serge is a game engine written on top of pygame.

Paul Paterson

serge is a powerful game engine built on pygame and using pymunk for physics.

serge provides powerful classes for the core engine, world, actor, sprite, physics, sound and font handling. serge is easy to use and well documented and comes with a wide variety of building blocks to provide higher level functionality like behaviours, ui layouts etc. There is a tutorial which takes you through the development of a simple game.

serge has been used for seven complete games,

Source code for all the games is available on the site.

serge also has a git project on Google code so you can contribute or fork the engine.


Version 0.6 of the serge engine is released.

This is a general 2d game engine library with a wealth of useful building blocks to help with developing games. The engine includes sprite, sound, music, physics, and camera controls.

Useful building blocks include animation, behaviour trees, drag and drop, fractals, grids, hex grids, loading tiled files, lighting, settings, state machines, automatic text generation, and many more.

The core library is pretty mature and has been used for 13 different games. There are a couple of tutorial pages in the link and also docs for the full API and engine structure.


Home Page


serge 0.4 — 14 Jul, 2012

serge 0.6 — 3 Aug, 2016 account Comments

  • barry cook 2012-08-16 20:07

    Hi which version of pygame/python is this compatible with? and also how do I install the modules so python recognises them?