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Zombieland X - 0.5

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Peter L4D
Your task is to survive 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, pick up the rescue. Starts from a gun, you can gradually for the money to buy extra weapons, ammo or repair walls. You still have one specially the ability to recharge for 15 seconds. Each zombie has different dmg, life, speed. The game still has plenty of gaps to be delet each version. Control: direction of the arrow- w-shot the gun f-Laser Eye switch weapons, f1, f2, f3 beat weapon-r overcharging starts at quickevent where you must press 10 times v when you trade in the position after pressing e to you start menu when you're at the barricades, press e add money for life



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Zombieland X 0.5 — 3 Jun, 2012 account Comments

  • Juan 2013-06-18 23:32

    sorry, but the download process is a bit complicated to non-Czech speakers, anyway a great job!