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elmapviewer - 0.4.0

Eternal Lands Map Viewer

Paul Broadhead
Eternal Lands is a FREE MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). This program displays Eternal Lands maps and game data and allows the user to navigate the maps using map links.


Updated for version 1.3.0 release of the game. Now derive map scales from elm files - mapdata scales no longer required. Derive list of maps from all the elm files in the map directory. This means when new maps are added, they can been seen even if not configured in the map data files. Home/End keys jump to C1 and C2 overview maps. Can now define jump to map shortcuts using function keys. Display map titles as given in game mapinfo.lst file. Allow search functions to use "_".


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elmapviewer 0.2 — 6 Apr, 2006

elmapviewer 0.3.0 — 28 May, 2006

elmapviewer 0.2.1 — 9 Apr, 2006

elmapviewer 0.4.0 — 16 Jul, 2006

elmapviewer 0.5.0 — 7 Oct, 2006

elmapviewer 0.6.0 — 3 Mar, 2007

elmapviewer 0.5.1 — 3 Jan, 2007

elmapviewer 0.6.1 — 4 Jun, 2007 account Comments