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Visualizer - 0100

A visualization training program for Chess, including square colors, diagonals, and blindfolded knight's tour.

Craig O'Brien
This is a training tool for Chess, to aid with visualization of the board and moves you are analyzing. Currently it can test you on the color of a square, whether two squares are on the same diagonal, whether two squares are the same color, and completion of a knight's tour. The interface is pretty basic. Text is generally treated as a button: click on a test to start it or click on the answer you want to give. The splash page and results pages you just need to click anywhere to continue. The program is incredibly clunky. I threw it together while relearning pygame after a year or two. Part of it is from a general Chess/Chess variant program I am working on. I'm working on seven other projects at the same time, so development on this will be a bit slow. In the near term I want to add number of knight moves between two squares and clean up the code. In the long term (once my general Chess program is working) I want to add three piece who-defends-who problems and solitaire Chess. I also have ideas for tactics problems, but that would require a set of tactics problems.



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Visualizer 0100 — 5 Feb, 2012 account Comments