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Asteroids 2 - v2.1

This is my latest version of Asteroids 2. It has improved graphics, gameplay and includes a high score and better organization of source code.

Joshua Potter
You man a spaceship that is lost in an asteroid field! Survive as long as you can. WASD to navigate menu space to select in menu and move towards cursor left mousebutton to shoot right mousebutton as another means of movement


This is the latest version of my asteroids game. Included are much improved graphics, a high score list, sound, and just better overall gameplay (in my opinion). I explored the sprite class a lot more in this version. You man a spaceship lost in an asteroid field! Survive as long as possible! Controls: wasd to navigate menu space to select and move spacecraft to cursor right mouse button to optionally move towards cursor as well left mouse button to shoot


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Asteroids 2 v2.1 — 28 Dec, 2011 account Comments

  • Mekire 2011-12-29 15:20

    Nice 3d asteroid... Was wondering how you did it until I realized it was a 143 frame sprite  o__0.
    Why did you feel the need to conceal the source exactly?


    josh2112 2011-12-29 16:27

    Sorry about that; still new to this. I just thought that would make the download faster for anyone. I reuploaded one with source if you'd like to look at it

    Mekire 2011-12-29 17:21

    Yeah, source code is always a plus here as a lot of the people that download your game will be hoping to learn from it.
    I think its a shame that you got rid of the different ships in this version though, I thought that had potential.
    By the way, what program did you originally design your asteroid in?


    josh2112 2011-12-29 17:52

    Actually, I found the sprite sheet on (where the blogger mentioned using blender); and thank you again- forgot to include credits in the README file

  • Satish 2011-12-29 18:18


  • Mikey Matthews 2012-03-18 13:18

    C:\Python23\mikeys stuff\Asteroids2 v2.1 (12-28-11)>
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Python23\my stuff\Asteroids2 v2.1 (12-28-11)\", lin
    e 3, in ?
      File "C:\Python23\my stuff\Asteroids2 v2.1 (12-28-11)\game\", line
    32, in __init__
      File "C:\Python23\my stuff\Asteroids2 v2.1 (12-28-11)\game\", line
    50, in playgame
        Game.render(self, screen, background, pygame.time.get_ticks())
      File "C:\Python23\my stuff\Asteroids2 v2.1 (12-28-11)\game\", line
    40, in render
    AttributeError: 'GroupSingle' object has no attribute 'draw'

    This is what i get when i try to play it