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Clone of Tetris - 1.3

A Tetris clone written in python 2.7 with pygame. Music by eXsolacyst

Ryan Ledford
Works just like tetris for the most part. Use LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN to move pieces in that direction. Use UP arrow to rotate the piece. The 'G' Key will display a grid. Pressing ESCAPE while the game is NOT paused will terminate the game (I've paused the game and, out of habbit with other games, pressed ESCAPE to unpause it and exited instead which is why I made it this way). The bg_music.ogg file included was written and recorded by me. I dont mind if you use it for other productions, but please put eXsolacyst in your acknowledgments. Let me know what you think. -ESC


Fixed movement functions. Keys held down will allow for continuous movement excpet for the rotate key which will still only rotate the piece each time it is pressed. Also fixed a bug with game piece #7 (the purple piece), this piece was not properly checking for legal rotations. Thanks again to Mekire for the feedback. -ESC


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  • gnerkus 2013-05-20 13:02:53

    Looks really good...