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Exogene - 0.2

A tower defence type game with multiple waves of enemies attacking multiple points to defend.

Paul Paterson

A tower defence type game with multiple waves of enemies attacking multiple points to defend.

Place towers strategically to defend against the waves of enemies. Watch out for the enemies attacking multiple points.

Source release requires Python 2.6+, pygame and networkx (easy_install networkx)



What's new in 0.2

  • Added four new levels 
  • Added reverse mode (making 24 total playable levels) 
  • Added Mute Button to mute all sound 
  • Added check mark for levels you have completed 
  • Completing certain levels now unlocks multiple levels 
  • Added check for networkx when first running
  • Fixed bug where levels were not locked when they should have been 
  • Fixed bug where bullets would immediately hit target when pymunk not present 
  • Graphics update to icon and each turret gets its own bullet


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Exogene 0.3 — 27 Dec, 2011

Exogene 0.1 — 9 Dec, 2011

Exogene 0.2 — 11 Dec, 2011

Exogene 0.2.1 — 18 Dec, 2011

Exogene 0.4 — 28 Jan, 2012

Exogene 0.4.1 — 29 Apr, 2012 account Comments

  • renesd 2011-12-09 16:14

    A fun tower defense game.  Quite hard too... which I like.

  • Free12345v 2011-12-11 11:27


  • Guest 2012-01-29 16:44

    It's pretty good so far. I like the difficulty, but some of the details were a bit annoying. First: Clicking on the "Start" button also places the first tower if I click on the tower selection button and then the start button on a location where a tower could go on the game screen. Second: How does one place towers under the tower selection buttons? Third: A lot of the difficulty seems to come from obscurity. How much more powerful is a Power tower compared to a regular tower? How does the damage per minute of a regular tower compare to a Sniper tower? These things could be easily discovered by browsing the source, but I'm not sure if that's how everyone is supposed to go about it.