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Triplex Invaders - 1.01

An Alien Invaders style game with openGL graphics.

Arthur Danskin
In Triplex Invaders, the player pilots a spaceship against a never ending horde of enemy ships. It has psychedelic 3d graphics (but 2d game play), particle effects, blending multiple weapons, and simple enemy AI.


Fixed compatability for python 2.3 (thanks for the patch, Linux Game Tome people). New splash screen, background effect, disabled blur effect by default, and various other fixes.


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Triplex Invaders 1.02 — 24 Apr, 2006

Triplex Invaders 1.01 — 1 Apr, 2006

Triplex Invaders 1.0 — 28 Feb, 2006

Triplex Invaders 1.08 — 24 Nov, 2006 account Comments