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Duck Hunt Remake - 0.1.0

A fan remake of the classic NES game Duck Hunt

David Symons

After I finally upgraded my TV I realized I could no longer play my beloved childhood game Duck Hunt. This is my attempt to fix that problem.

Built with Python 2.7.1 and PyGame 1.9.1


Still very much a work in progress. Things I plan to include:
  • Start screen so when you get a game over you don't have to restart the whole program.
  • The dog: If anyone has the animation sequence please let me know.
  • Sounds: I haven't been able to get the timing correct so most of them are turned off for now.


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Duck Hunt Remake 0.1.1 — 16 Oct, 2011

Duck Hunt Remake 0.1.0 — 12 Oct, 2011 account Comments