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Birdie Words - 0.3.2

An addictive word game - can you beat par?

Paul Paterson
An addictive word game based on a combination of the game Boggle and golf. You play a series of holes and try to combine words with enough letters to make it to the hole. Each hole has a par so try to use as few words as possible. On the harder levels, stay away from bunkers and water traps to avoid penalty strokes.


Improved the mouse handling code so that it is more responsive.


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Birdie Words 0.2.3 — 10 Jun, 2011

Birdie Words 0.2 — 29 May, 2011

Birdie Words 0.2.4 — 18 Jun, 2011

Birdie Words 0.3.2 — 30 Jul, 2011

Birdie Words 0.4 — 30 Sep, 2011

Birdie Words 0.3.1 — 27 Jul, 2011

Birdie Words 0.3 — 16 Jul, 2011 account Comments

  • Patrick Mullen 2011-07-25 18:42:24

    It wouldn't run for me, cannot read ".ico" file format. Had to comment out where it loads the ico, and then where it tries to use it. This should be fixable by just using set_ico without trying to load it as a surface.

    The actual game is a pretty neat idea. I play a lot of boggle, but this adds a little bit of strategy that makes things a bit more interesting.

  • Jacqulin Furlei 2020-06-09 09:54:22.444820

    The theme does not interest me much, actually, it's a little bit dark . You should create something lighter and "life" to impress players because this one is quite classic now

    Jacqulin Furlei 2020-06-09 09:54:46.038610

    geometry dash