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Astrocrash (Discontinued) - 2.3

An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.

I will not tolerate any comments commanding me, energeticly suchesting me, or forcing me to make an improvement or change my game in any way, as these comments will be rudely responded.

An original arcade classic, where the player has to shoot endless waves of asteroids. The idea came from a python tutorial book. Credit goes to Michael Dawson, the one who wrote the tutorial book. There are also Pygame wrappers included, a set of old Livewires modules, originally built for Pygame 1.5.2, which have been edited by Michael Dawson. Pass outs will be in winrar format and executables. For more information on winrar format, click here.


left: turn left
right: turn right
up: speed up
down: slow down (only in 2.1 and up)
space: shoot missile
q: quit (only in 2.0 and up)
x: quit (only in 1.0 and 1.1)
s: stop (only in 2.1 and up)

Credit goes to:
Michael Dawson, from the idea of the game,

Whoever made Chatsystem, the was one of the key elements,

NASA, for the background image, taken by the Hubble telescope in space.

And a little bit of credit goes to me, for maintaining the code and putting it on the internet.


The game will not work as it is. change the extention of the module to .pyw, and if that doesn't work, copy tha data folder to /Users/whatever user you are/


To report bugs, email me.

Curent bugs are:

Doesn't work in Mac OSX 10.4, app freezes.


So... the changes are... that now, instead of having the asteriods and the enemy ships apear in the middle of the screen, they glide in! sorry, the files arent uploaded yet, because i'm too lazy to do it. They should be up by tomorow, at the latest at noon. Aslo, sorry... i'm on vaction in france, the the executable is in french, since i made it on a french computer(i didn't bring my laptop). the buttons do exactly the same thing, even though the the text isn't the same. Also, MAKE SURE THAT YOU BROWSE TO THE LOCATION! The default directory is the french default directory, and won't apear on your desktop automaticly!

before the files are up, see below for version 2.2. the controls are the same, and so are the images, the only differences are that the enemys don't move, and that all the objects apear in the middle of the screen instead of gliding in. The physics are also the same.

By the way, for those of you that are throwing fits because you can't do line breaks, google "html tutorial" and read it. You can use any html code in the description textbox when you add a new project/release. Like Bold, Italic, links, and whatever you want else, even Javascript!


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Astrocrash (Discontinued) 1.1 — 1 Mar, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.2 — 1 Jul, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.3 — 6 Aug, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 1.0 — 29 Jan, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.5.2 — 2 Jun, 2007

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.5.2 Linux — 2 Jun, 2007

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.0 — 27 Mar, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.1 — 12 Apr, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.4 — 6 Sep, 2006

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.5.1 — 5 Apr, 2007

Astrocrash (Discontinued) 2.5 — 28 Oct, 2006 account Comments