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Save The Internets! - 0.1

Aliens have invaded for one purpose: To steal the INTERNETS! One lone penguin vows to take it back from them, one piece at a time.

Francis Stokes
Save the internets is a platformer similar to the old mario games on the SNES. The source is a bit of a mess (no where near as bad as pyfighter, mind), but it's quite easy to follow. For those interested, the source is broken down in this way: - The main file. - Class file for scenery objects (eg ground etc) - Class file for enemies - Class file for the players projectile - Class file for Levels/Level - Class file for pickups (eg coins) - Class file for the heads-up display - Class file for the player - Class for loading all the graphics - Contains point values for pickups/enemies - Contains Level definitions



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Save The Internets! 0.1 — 27 Feb, 2011 account Comments

  • Jakub Pavlík 2013-01-20 18:03

    good looking, but very slow.