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PongClone - 4

A simple Pong clone.

Hayden Dennison

This small game uses pygame.draw() for every game object except for the fonts and display. It should work on any operating system that supports pygame and python. (no os.path.join!) It's released under the GNU General Public License.


PongClone has gone through a few updates, the most noticeable of these sound effects. It also uses my own custom menu system, SimMen. The collision bugs have been fixed, also.


Home Page


PongClone 3.1 — 11 Jan, 2011

PongClone 2 — 8 Jan, 2011

PongClone 3 — 9 Jan, 2011

PongClone 4 — 20 Jan, 2011 account Comments

  • ted 2013-06-12 17:19

    wtf this isnt python 2.7