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Farmyard Round 'em Up - 1.0

Farmyard Round'em Up. Animals are escaping from your farm! Catch them before they leave using the mouse to control the farmers.

Hanna Bao
The game takes place on Hoggett Farms, a small ranch in rural New Zealand where three brothers keep chickens, geese, pigs, ducks and cows. They live a simple life on their small piece of land and donâ??t generally experience much excitementâ?Š until one day. The Hoggetts arenâ??t particularly mean farmers, but they tend to expect a lot of hard work from their livestock, and donâ??t believe in the concept of a break; now the animals have had enough. After a rousing speech by a particularly surly swine, the perennially perturbed barn-dwellers burst from their home, located on the bank of a river. The Hoggett brothers must catch their livestock before they escape into the wild, never to be seen again. The farm cannot sustain itself if it loses more than 3 animals, so the brothers must be diligent.



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Farmyard Round 'em Up 1.0 — 16 Dec, 2010 account Comments