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pylygon - 1.3.0rc

a polygon object for python

Chandler Armstrong
a polygon object with rotation and collision detection methods. notable algorithms and implementations: graham-scan convex hull separating axis theorem GJK GJK-based raycast


I had a minor data loss incident and lost the changelog, but here goes from memory:

* raycast algorithm modified to accommodate translation + rotation

* the 'deg' attribute controlling degrees of rotation is removed

* rotopoints and rotoedges modified to now accept rotation in radians, these two methods are NO LONGER properties

* a rotate and rotate_ip (in place) method added to rotate the polygon.

* and along with all these changes, some internal changes that do not effect usability or API.

* finally, the example modified to showcase the new raycast algorithm and simplify the code. left-right arrows to rotate!


* currently no obvious solution to indicate if a rotation would rotate into or out of a collision when using the raycast method.


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pylygon 1.3.0rc — 19 Jan, 2012

pylygon 1.2.0rc — 6 Jul, 2011

pylygon 1.0 — 14 Dec, 2010 account Comments

  • Kaliber64 2012-04-09 12:16

     Finally a simple collision module for python. Making my own has been a nightmare and full of inaccurate hacks.