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SIGIL - 1.0.0

A simple gaming library add-on for pygame

Alex Polosky
Formally CameraEngine, now Simple Intuitive Gaming Library for pygame (SIGIL) Pygame comes with a lot of nice packages. However, it is lacking a built-in camera and world control. This package makes it a lot easier to set up games, masks the clunky pygame API {although allows it to be used}, and will include the following:

    * Camera Sprites/Group {DONE}
    * Zoomable Sprites/Group {WORKING ON}
    * World system w/Loops {DONE}
    * HUD Class for displaying data {-}
    * Particle System {-}

This release is just to get something out there. There are still lots to do
Just run the .py inside the folder, to run the test code. These are the controls:
    * WSAD - Move the red sprite
    * Arrow Keys - Move the camera


This is the official release, just to get something out there. Most of the features are working, in fact, go ahead and edit the .map included, it should be simple enough to understand how to change it. If not, drop a comment, I'll try to help out. Still working on documentation


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SIGIL 1.0.0 — 18 Dec, 2010

SIGIL Pre-Release 0.1.0 — 11 Dec, 2010 account Comments