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Produce, Defend, Win! - 1.1

The name says it all: Build production, defend against attacks, win!

Robert Leachman
My first Pygame, inspired by purchasing Hello World for my man Steven who's 10 and said he wanted to program a game. I figured I should do one and be sure I can answer his questions. It's to the point where it won't go farther without feedback so with great trepidation... why not release it right? Surely this community can make it run and tell me what I did wrong :)


Cleaned up the source tree, made the bots smarter, a little graphical polishing here and there, bugfixes. "python" or even "./" Thanks for the kind words Gummbum!


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Produce, Defend, Win! 1.0 — 5 Dec, 2010

Produce, Defend, Win! 1.1 — 9 Dec, 2010 account Comments