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Vector Graphic Tower Defense - 0.1

A tower defense, but its "realistic"(a single bullet kills a soldier). Automaticly fills the whole screen and is NOT pixely, because the graphics consist of lines, polygons and circles.


Shoot lots of soldiers. This game doesn't(and will not) contain any health bars. Everything either dies immedeatly or when hit with special ammo, or on a special spot. Also the machine gun doesn't shoot randomly; it is so heavy that it cant stop turning immediatly. Currently there are only footmen.

This is not really my first game, but the first one I want to get finished.

My homepage is in finnish and it won't tranlate it, so all the 5 994 700 000 people that are not from Finland will not be able to read it. Sorry.

Written in Python 3.1 and Pygame. I will convert it to 2.x, if someone tells me how to use and where to get 3 to 2.

EDIT: Download is working now! I had to make a page where you can download it.

Under construction:

  • how to "win" or something...
  • new weapons and enemies
  • has to be cleaned up. I probably should put everything in the map class.

Need help:

Is it possible to split the file? I've tried to, but it didn't work.



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Vector Graphic Tower Defense 0.5 — 20 Dec, 2010

Vector Graphic Tower Defense 0.1 — 26 Nov, 2010 account Comments

  • John LI 2014-05-27 01:18

    I saw so much potential in this pre-alpha game. Good job and keep up!