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Life of a Coder - 0.4

Simple game simulating the working life of an over-stressed home coder.

Giuseppe Franchi
You know when you have an oppressive deadline and you code like crazy for days, hardly eating and sleeping? I know how you feel. So there you go, your daily hell is now a Python game! Created for the Game Design class at the IT University of Copenhagen. This is my first time with PyGame and I had less than a month to develop the game, so the source code is really ugly. And yes, the graphics sucks as well! Enjoy!


25/04 update! Small bump. Some changes here: - changed the background music - added some random non-negative events when you type in a non-matching string - De-uglified some code (thanks masterlee) - Added some non-diegetic feedback sounds when coding - Try to code when you are drunk now... - Changed background music - 120% more love in the random strings :3


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Life of a Coder 0.3 — 3 Jun, 2011

Life of a Coder 0.4 — 25 Apr, 2012

Life of a Coder 0.2 — 22 Oct, 2010 account Comments

  • Max 2012-12-10 01:44

    Its the best game ive seen so far