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Red Giant - 0.2

A simple space battle game.

Rafael Álvarez García
A simple space battle game. You can move the starship using the arrow keys and shoot misiles with the space key. If you have the 0.2 version or higher you can also shoot supermisiles using the C key. With the 0.3 version or higher you can shoot lasers with the X key. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment you're opinion.


There are some changes: - Now you can shoot supermisiles with the C key. - There is a life counter. - The game detects the collides of the starship with the enemies. - Bug fixes.


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Red Giant 1.1 — 25 Jul, 2011

Red Giant 0.1 — 12 Oct, 2010

Red Giant 0.3 — 14 Nov, 2010

Red Giant 0.2 — 27 Oct, 2010

Red Giant 1.0 — 6 Jan, 2011 account Comments

  • teb 2011-07-25 16:53

    yes if you make the speed negative when you hit the border of game it would be good, i like the starship control, the only problem is the screen is so small you crash into wall when you start accelerating.
    and the laser is very loud :S nice entry screen!