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Noctua vagus - 0.1.5

An adventure game with owl that is flying in the woods and wants to help other animals.

Lukas Machyan

My first game developed in Python using Pygame. It should be relaxing adventure without many texts or conversations.

I can only test the game on Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP now. Please report problems on other platforms.

You can communicate with me in English, Czech or Slovak language. More fresh informations are on page of this game. You can also report bugs or translate the game to another language there.

Video preview of version 0.1.4 is on YouTube.


This version is also available in deb package for Debian-based Linux distributions. Download Deb here

Hooting starts to have influence to other animals. You could ask them about what they want. I didn't mention this yet anywhere. You can try look for hooting emblem which works in that way. This will be later somewhere in the game.

New room.
Icons for menu and objectives screen in the game.
Possibility to obtain information what animals wants.
Loading and Unloading screens.
Some command-line parameters. Return value of program.
Installation package for Debian and Debian-based distributions (e.g. Ubuntu)
Translations update.
Modifications for version installed on Linux (from deb now)
Error screen system rewritten.


Home Page


Noctua vagus 0.1.2 — 17 Oct, 2010

Noctua vagus 0.1.3 — 6 Nov, 2010

Noctua vagus 0.1.4 — 4 Dec, 2010

Noctua vagus 0.1.5 — 31 Dec, 2010

Noctua vagus 0.1.1 — 2 Oct, 2010 account Comments