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Number Invaders - 0.2

The good old Number Invaders game from Casio. As I can remember it.

Takis Tsiberis
Select numbers from the right to execute the ones trying to invade you from the left. But be careful. There are hungry monsters too among the numbers !!!


Thanks to my brother, the gameplay is now the authentic one. With a nice set of fonts also. And Jeroen Tel's tunes of course. Works for both Linux and Windows. Enjoy !!!


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Number Invaders 0.1 — 28 Nov, 2005

Number Invaders 0.2 — 23 Jul, 2007

Number Invaders 0.2.1 — 2 Aug, 2007

Number Invaders 0.2.2 — 12 Feb, 2008

Number Invaders 0.3 — 5 Mar, 2009 account Comments