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Micro-Crawl - 0.1.0

Procedural dungeons made of tiny rooms; Dungeon Crawling for short attention spans! (And very small screens!)

Henry Mclaughlin
Micro-Crawl will be a hack and slash RPG taking place in a dungeon consisting of lots and lots of tiny rooms. There will be monsters, multiple weapons, a handful of character classes, and even a boss at the end of each dungeon!

The concept for Micro-Crawl came from Sean Howard's 300 Mechanics page, specifically his "Tiny Crawl" concept. (Though only from the first entry about it, from there he goes into indirect interaction that I may explore in other projects, but won't work with here)

The dungeon now has 16 rooms to explore, a bunch of goblins to kill, and 2 weapons for you to find!

The controls are:
  • Arrow Keys - Walk, enter doors, climb ladders
  • Z - Hold to run
  • X - Use weapon
  • A - Pick up item from the floor
  • S - Open chest
  • I - Open/close inventory menu


The dungeon is now quite a bit larger (16 rooms!), and there are some goblins for you to kill.

In order to kill them, you will need to find a weapon. (Go one room east, then one north, then down the ladder: It's in the big blue chest)

There are a bunch of health potions in chests (More than you'll need, I think) and a mace in a chest somewhere in the dungeon. (Not hard to find, mind you, and it's in another big blue chest)

Note that the goblins take turns, and do not attack if there is another goblin in front of them. (Well, a living goblin) I'm kind of proud of that little detail.


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Micro-Crawl 0.0.1 — 25 Jun, 2010

Micro-Crawl 0.0.0 — 24 Jun, 2010

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